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Online competition is increasing as digital becomes mission critical to more & more industries, so it’s even more important than ever to take care of your SEO services properly. Your potential customers are making their purchase decisions via Google, for almost every transaction – big or small.

We know from first hand experience that business owners want a strong & ongoing return on investment. Keywords and Google rankings are important but generating leads is what we’re here to do. There’s no smoke and mirrors, just proven tactics designed to hit your bottom line.

There’s no packages or a one-size-fits-all approach, rather it all starts with your SEO audit to spot growth opportunities or resolve the elements holding back your Google Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs).

From here we then put together a bespoke plan to tailor this work around your business. This includes Technical SEO Optimisation, Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, Link Building & Monthly Content Strategy. We know the right approach to make a strong return through SEO, for businesses in Liverpool. We measure our success by the results we deliver for our clients.

Why SEO Is Important For Business?

Even when targeting locally in Liverpool, an effective SEO strategy with measurable results is the backbone of your business success online.

But what does this look like? Well it can look like quite a few things, but it’s always based on the exact and specific requirements needed to address what’s impacting your organic Google rankings.

We often recommend testing some pay per click marketing as a way to gain valuable keyword insights from Google to inform you longer term SEO strategy.

Your site could be new and not as strong as your existing competition, or maybe you’ve been hit by a recent ongoing Google update? Either way, we’d to take a very different approach to resolve either of these issues so we need to understand what tactics are right for you. We do this with your initial site audit and our tested optimisation process.

We Use The Sharpest Tools For The Job

Our Tried & Trusted SEO Process

Initial SEO Audit

First things first, we need to take a look under the bonnet and audit your existing website. Looking at keywords, domain authority, backlink profile and many more things to understand your current foundations. 

This initial step is one of the most important parts of the process and will set a clear roadmap for how we can improve your Google rankings.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Building Your SEO Strategy

What we do here will be determined by your goals and our research but what we can tell you is it’s fun and it works!

We can’t forget about website authority. Anyone telling you link building days are gone, are lying. It’s got to be looked at organically and we know the recipe.


Let's Get Going...

We keep you informed of the technical stuff with monthly reports… including keywords, links and overall website performance.

But we also know what really matters and that’s the return on your investment so we like to keep it simple and tell you how many £’s you get back for what you spend with us. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a question most SEO Agencies don’t usually like to answer, but with the right strategy timescales can be given. It usually takes around 3 months to focus on quick wins and 6 months plus for new or more competitive keywords. SEO is ongoing though – more & more keywords can be targeted as your site strength grows.

Think of this like buying or renting a house, both have their advantages. But longer term SEO is a direct investment into your website when compared to renting ad space from Google or social media. Although SEO takes a bit longer to get going, the results are ongoing (based on your industry competition).

The main benefit of effective SEO Services should always be the return on investment or ROI which is being driven through your website from organic traffic, whether this be through enquiries or sales. Other measurements like increased rankings and traffic are designed to push though more enquiries over time.

As long as you have admin access to your website and associated Google Analytics we can take things over, including working with your existing website developers or webmaster. If you don’t have this we can also work with you to make sure you can get this information from where it may be located.

Why Use Flatdot Marketing For Your SEO Liverpool?

We are local SEO experts who work with a range of business both big and small, across multiple industries. This range of knowledge allows us to focus on the best tactics which we know work well from other sectors and contexts. We take a big agency strategic approach, with a much more driven yet flexible delivery process.

As data experts we also make sure you have full 360 degree visibility on your website performance, using key tools to analyse your website user behaviour and wider search engine performance. We are Google qualified professionals with over 15 years experience working with clients, who have grown with us over this time. You can find out more by viewing our relevant work and insights.

How Do I Find The Right SEO Company?

The days of your prospective agency keeping their cards close to their chest are over and transparency is king! This ranges from the tactics being used on your website, right through to a clear and concise payment model for your SEO agency’s services. A results driven agency won’t ask you to sign a long term contract.

We’d encourage you to shop around and examine the range of information being offered about your site. A good agency will be detailed with your site analysis and make an actionable plan to drive results in Google! 

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