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Local SEO For Businesses

Through our Local SEO services you can capitalise on the traffic in your area, then build this out to effectively target and improve your local rankings. This is done by focusing on the correct website structure and tactics to build trust with Google.

When your potential customers are making a purchase in the local area, Google is playing an ever increasing role in their purchasing and decision making process.

No two local businesses are the same, so their SEO Strategies shouldn’t be either! Therefore we don’t do package options to see which fits you best. Rather we undertake a fully custom approach to your SEO project – starting with your detailed SEO Audit.

From here we focus on the specific localised tactics which work well, such as business listings, local citations & Google My Business, along with wider industry best practice to make sure your site is ticking all the boxes with Google on both desktop & mobile.

We know the right approach to make a strong return through SEO for Local Business. We measure our success based on the improved results we achieve for our customers.

Once your objectives are achieved, your Local SEO Services can be expanded outwards to include additional regions, towns and cities over time – through our tried & trusted delivery process.

What Is Local SEO And Why Is It Important In 2022?

In 2022, we think it’s fair to say we’re all guilty of Googling the local restaurant to make sure we’ve sussed out the menu in advance! This behaviour is also true for customers making larger purchases or professional enquiries between businesses too.

Therefore an effective Local SEO Strategy is an essential factor for all businesses looking to capitalise on the opportunities out there for your products or services, in your local market.

But what does this look like for your business? A a great question and one which can only be answered with the right technical analysis and data! For example, if your website is brand new it is likely to face a much different set of challenges than say an existing website which has dropped a lot of links or has limited content.

To identify and understand this data we always carry out a full SEO Audit of your existing site performance in Google.  This allows us to then deliver the tactics best placed to maximise your return on investment – through both your Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs) and the enquiries this drives!

We Use The Sharpest Tools For The Job

Our Tried & Trusted SEO Process

Local SEO Audit

First things first, we need to take a look under the bonnet and audit your existing website. Looking at keywords, domain authority, backlink profile and many more things to understand your current foundations. 

With local SEO with place a focus on reviewing your Google My Business and local listings ensuring contact details and addresses are correct and consistent.

This process is the most important of them all and will set a clear roadmap for how we can improve your digital footprint. 

Illustration of Liverpool & Wirral
Google Analytics Dashboard

Let's Get Ranking...

We look at your audience and understand how your local customers think, what they feel and what digital pubs are they drinking in so you can ‘buy their next drink’ and start the conversation.

Once we’ve done the planning it’s time for the fun part… putting pen to paper. What we do here will be determined by your goals and our research but what we can tell you is it’s fun and it works!

We can’t forget about website authority. Anyone telling you link building days are gone, are lying. It’s got to be looked at organically and we know the recipe.

Report & Refine

We keep you informed of the technical stuff… like keywords, links and website performance.

But we also know what really matters and that’s the return on your investment so we like to keep it simple and tell you how many £’s you get back for what you spend with us.

With local SEO the real tell tale sign of a successful campaign will be more phone calls, enquiries and visits!

Frequently Asked Questions

Local SEO is different from SEO in that if primarily focuses all your efforts into your local area, which is suited for most SME businesses. Results can be achieved in a shorter timescale when compared to wider SEO targeting. It’s also possible to expand out your localised SEO targeting to cover multiple cities or regional locations, based around keyword search volumes.

Google My Business (GMB) is the platform provided by Google to manage your local business information. This includes your listing on Google Maps and key business info within searches, such as your services and opening times. Many local SEO tactics take place within GMB, supporting and validating the information you add to your website as part of your SEO optimisation.

Your website was born ready for SEO! Motivational slogans aside though, local SEO services are a great place to start for a newer website looking to gain some initial traction in Google. That said, it’s also a great way to target for larger businesses who operate across several locations as well.

This is likely because your current agency is focusing on overly generic, long term keywords with higher searches. Although this is great down the line, through local SEO we take a more strategic approach to deliver quicker wins on less competitive searches. The most important job is to get your enquiries flowing then we can start getting even more clever.

Why Use Flatdot Marketing For Your Local SEO?

As a specialist Local SEO Agency we work with a range of SME business of different sizes, across multiple competitive industries such as professional services and manufacturing. The one thing they all have in common is their intent to own their Google presence within the geographical areas in which they operate!

The range of knowledge and different tactics we learn across these different sectors allows us to focus on the specific elements which we know will have maximum impact on your website too. We take a big agency strategic approach, with a much more driven yet flexible delivery process.

We pride ourselves on data and how we effectively communicate what this means to our clients. We do this through using the right tools to analyse your website data and wider Google performance. We are Google qualified professionals with over 15 years experience working with clients, who have grown with us over this time. You can find out more by viewing our relevant work and case studies.

How Do I Find The Right Local SEO Company?

We don’t need to be a local business to help with you local SEO. That said, we like putting ours faces to our names so if you are round the corner and want to chat, come and visit us.

The days of your prospective agency keeping their cards close to their chest are over and transparency is king! This ranges from the tactics being used on your website, right through to a clear and concise payment model for your SEO agency’s services. A results driven agency won’t ask you to sign a long term contract.

We’d encourage you to shop around and examine the range of information being offered about your site. A good agency will be detailed with your site analysis and make an actionable plan to drive results in Google! 

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