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What if we told you we can design and develop the best salesperson for your business who works every hour of the day and every day of the year? Well we can, it’s your website.


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Lead Generation Websites For Businesses

You never get a second chance to make a first impression… Just like your shop window or office reception, your website plays an essential role when it comes to setting the first impressions of your business. 

To get the most from your traffic you need a website which is both effectively designed, but importantly also well structured to ensure that it is picked up by Google over time. Our tried and tested approach to SEO focused website development allows us to strike the right balance between creative design and technical optimisation.

We also take a mobile first approach to your websites, in order to comply with what Google looks for as part of their latest indexing algorithm. This is not only about how your website looks, but also technical features around how it loads too. 

We build all of our websites on WordPress, an open source platform which allows full flexibility around your layout and the features you need such as online booking systems or third party integrations with your sales pipeline.

Why Websites Are Essential To Generate More Leads

Your website should be at the centre of lead generation strategy, acting as a focal point to drive traffic from a range of sources – from email marketing and social media, through to your newsletter or internal communications with team members.

Therefore it’s absolutely essential that this provides the very best user experience across both your content and technical performance. Features like call to actions, well positioned contact forms and super fast load times will maximise your conversion rates and generate more leads.

With content management systems we give you full control over the parts that matter, without needing to be technical or worrying about breaking anything. Being able to create landing pages for targeted campaigns or update images regularly, you want to be in control.

Updating your blog posts with content such as latest news and industry articles will play a key role in maximising SEO for your website. This is because Google loves to rank blog content based on the value a well written article can bring to your customers buying process. This content also build credibility and trust in your brand.

We Use The Sharpest Tools For The Job

Our Tried & Trusted Website Process

Kick Off & Design Meeting

The first step with your website design process is a conversation to help us understand you and your target audience. Through doing this we can understand the best tactics for your website structure and design, focused on enquiries and phone calls ensuring your contact information is never more than one click away!

We use analytics to tell us what worked well on your old website and make sure we inform this into the new architecture.

We also cover the nuts & bolts like your wider branding factors to take into account too.

Outside Flatdot Office
Google Analytics Dashboard

Homepage Design

Once we have this key information, we start working on your initial homepage design for both laptop and mobile devices.

When ready, we send this back for your review along with a narrative to explain the logic behind your new conversion focused layout.

This gives you opportunity to provide us with full feedback, which we then factor into your amended versions – until we’re all 100% happy!

Full Website Build & Content

When we’ve nailed your homepage design, we have further direction to build out the remaining page layouts needed to complete your site. This includes essential pages like your about us, service pages and your blog section. 

Now it’s time for your written content and images at this point, ensuring they are fully compressed for optimal SEO & page speed performance.

A big part of your new website is to make your life easier, not harder! With a lot of our projects we integrate third party systems such as live chats, connecting forms to bespoke CRM’s, booking systems etc.

Rs Clare Website Visual

It's Time To Put The Boat In The Water

Finally we look at your site across mobile, tablet and desktop devices to make sure there are no layout issues or bugs.

If we’re working together for marketing then this is the point we pass the baton and make sure your SEO foundations and analytics tools are set up.

Even if we’re not, we’ll still make sure your contact forms are tracking and set up Google Analytics so you can see how many people are visiting your new website.

From here you new lead generation website is ready to go.

Lead Generation Frequently Asked Questions

We use WordPress Content Management System to design and build our SEO focused websites for businesses. This is an open source platform meaning you have full ownership without the need for ongoing licenses for the core software. This means you have full ownership of your site when it’s completed. It is also by far the most common platform used by professional agencies around the world.

Absolutely yes! The whole point of your Content Management System (CMS) is to allow you to make simple changes to your wording, images and layout without the need for developers and costs. You can also easily publish your latest news articles or portfolio items directly. We offer full training on how to do this as part of our web design process.

There are no ongoing license fees for WordPress. If you require additional extensions such as booking systems, for example, then this can have license costs which are always fully explained in advance. The only other ongoing cost is for your website hosting, nightly backups & email accounts on our secure servers. We can also offer monthly maintenance support if needed.

The process of moving your website is straightforward given we build this alongside your existing site, undertaking site transfer on your domain when it’s completed. This means there is no downtime where you’re left without a site. We can also talk to your existing web team to get all the access we need.

Why Use Flatdot Marketing To Build Your New Website

In short, we build websites that just work – both technically and for your business. From experience people want to buy website results, not website code, and for our clients this usually means enquires and phone calls.

The increased impact your site has on conversions from your existing traffic levels is how we measure your web design results post launch.

Building a new website? Then no problem! We set up your full Google Analytics to make sure you’re measuring all your customer activity, so you can see how your website is helping you grow over time.

We are Google qualified professionals with over 15 years experience working with clients, who have grown with us over this time. You can find out more by viewing our relevant work and insights.

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