Why You Should Start With Why!

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It’s difficult to truly perfect your marketing skills and strategy without living and breathing marketing, which when you’re fully immersed in your business isn’t really possible. The problem is that by the time you’ve caught up, the chances are that the goal posts have moved, thinking has shifted and something new has happened. It’s a constant process of test, measure, analyse however that’s a story for another day..!

With that in mind, upping your game is about far more than the tools and tactics you like to use. It comes down to starting with one fundamental factor: understanding the persona of your audience and making sure that the purpose of your brand or product can offer them some real value and is in line with their values.

Finding Your Why

One of our favourite theories is Simon Sinek’s why concept. This is a really effective approach to mastering a marketing strategy. We believe that if you invest time determining your why and establish it consistently throughout everything that your brand produces, then the right audience will emotionally buy into your brand.

If they emotionally connect with your brand, it means they identify and relate to the purpose that you’re portraying. So, if you master this, you’ll be on the right path to seeing some long-term results and gaining loyal customers who understand exactly what your brand believe and what you’re trying to achieve. Having loyal brand advocates is a fundamental part of a successful brand and digital experience.

If you think about it logically, it makes sense for why to come first. It should be the catalyst to identifying how you’re going to reach your purpose afterwards and then finally, what exactly you’re going to do to get there.

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People Feel First, And Think Second

Similarly at flatdot marketing, we know that people feel first, and think second. They may not remember exactly what you’ve said to them, but they will remember how you made them feel. You can guarantee that people will connect with what you do or what you say, before they think rationally about it.

So, we can’t emphasise enough how effective it can be for you if you manage to build that level of trust with your audience before they head further down the marketing funnel. We’d recommend investing time in making sure that your why is clear, that it’s consistent and present in all of the content you’re putting out there.

If you’re trying to entice your audience, you need to give them a reason to keep reading, they need a reason to buy into your brand and believe that you’re offering them real value.

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