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Increase your website traffic and the online sales you see through your eCommerce shop. Whether you’re brand new to this or you’ve been selling longer than Amazon, let’s have a chat.

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SEO For eCommerce Websites

We know from first hand experience that online store owners want sales. From shipping out physical products via Shopify or selling online courses, a strong return on your investment is what our eCommerce SEO Services are all about.

There’s no smoke and mirrors, just proven tactics designed to hit your bottom line – attracting new customers, increasing average order values (AOV), and growing customers lifetime value.

We don’t do one-size-fits-all SEO packages, as let’s be honest not every t-shirt you’re selling fits every customer. We get to understand your challenges and ambitions for your online business through our in depth SEO Site Audit. This helps us to analyse your current Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERP’s) and overall website performance including user experience.

There’s a range of specific considerations you need to take into account when optimising your ecommerce seo strategy, including technical minefields like product URL duplications or the size and scale of your product variants.

What's New For eCommerce SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is all about increasing organic traffic to your ecommerce site. Google are constantly changing their ranking factors so it’s crucial we find keywords that have high and relevant search volume. In addition to several major changes annually, the also make continuous tweaks within these major updates which can affect where you rank and therefore how much you sell.

Mobile traffic can account for up to 95% of some B2C ecommerce shops, so whilst not exactly new, mobile ranking factors will continue to form the basis of your technical SEO strategy. This can range from the simple to effectively labelling your products, through to more complex problems which some eCommerce platforms can create, such as URL canonicalisation.

But what does this mean for your business? The tactics we recommend fully depends on your business situation. If you’re an existing shop whose seen a dip in traffic, you may have been hit by a Google update. If you’re looking to enter new markets then we can help with your international SEO. Either way, if you want an effective SEO strategy you need a roadmap of the best keywords to target and a content strategy to achieve this.

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Our Tried & Trusted SEO Process

eCommerce SEO Audit

First things first, we need to take a look under the bonnet and audit your existing website. Looking at both short and long tail keywords, domain authority, backlink profile and many more things to understand your current ecommerce store foundations. 

This process is the most important of them all and will set a clear roadmap for how we can improve your conversion rate and online sales.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Research & Findings

Once we know how your website is performing, it’s then time to look at your digital competition and opportunities. Creating a picture of who your ideal customers are helps us know what they will want from your website and what we need to say to get them buying.

We review all the pages on your site including product categories, product descriptions, and site architecture ensuring all product title tags, meta descriptions etc. are complete.

Content marketing is a key part of your strategy… creating engaging and informative blog posts, videos, infographics will all be part of your online success.

Let's Get Ready To Sell...

Once we’ve done the planning it’s time for the fun part… putting pen to paper. What we do here will be determined by your goals and our research but what we can tell you is it’s fun and it works!

We keep you informed of the technical stuff… like keywords, links and website performance. But we also know what really matters and that’s the return on your investment so we like to keep it simple and tell you how many £’s you get back for what you spend with us.

Online retail has boomed lately and it’s important that you’re taking the opportunities.

eCommerce Frequently Asked Questions

This is a question most SEO Agencies don’t usually like to answer, but with the right strategy timescales can be given. It usually takes around 3 months to focus on quick wins and 6 months plus for new or more competitive keywords. SEO is ongoing though – more & more keywords can be targeted as your site strength grows.

Specialist services for your online shop can be more detailed when compared to lead generating websites, focused on enquiries and phone calls. This is because an eCommerce shop usually has more pages, which also brings additional challenges in areas such as duplicated content on your product variants. Whilst this is an issue that can be addressed through your information architecture, it’s important to work with a specialist who understands these specific challenges.

Why Use Flatdot Marketing For Your eCommerce Website SEO?

We are a specialist eCommerce SEO agency who work with a range of online businesses both big and small – across multiple industries and different eCommerce platforms like Shopify & WooCommerce.

The range of different skills and insight we acquire from working in this way, allows us to focus on the tactics which we know work best. We take a big agency strategic approach, with a much more driven yet flexible delivery process.

As data experts we also make sure you have full visibility on your eCommerce website performance, using key tools to analyse your website user experience and wider search engine performance. We are Google qualified professionals with over 35 years experience working with clients, who have grown with us over this time. You can find out more by viewing our relevant work and case studies.

How Do I Find The Right eCommerce SEO Company?

The days of your prospective agency keeping their cards close to their chest are over and transparency is king! This ranges from the tactics being used on your website, right through to a clear and concise payment model for your SEO agency’s services. A results driven agency won’t ask you to sign a long term contract.

We’d encourage you to shop around and examine the range of information being offered about your site. A good agency will be detailed with your site analysis and make an actionable plan to drive results in Google! 

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