We’re flatdot. Creative to the point marketers that are focussed on results.

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Our Goal

Is your marketing an ongoing struggle?

Well it shouldn’t be. In a world of continuous advertising it’s easy to get lost in the jargon, mixed messages from your marketing data, and the ongoing feeling of ‘is my phone listening to what i’m saying?’.

And it doesn’t have to be. we can’t sort your phone…but we can sort your digital marketing campaign through taking a simple 3 step approach to understanding your sales cycle & making you serious return online.

Team Flatdot

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Andy Flatman


andy thrives when implementing & refining marketing automation to nurture website visitors through to leads, then converted into customers!

Team Member Jack

Jack Dotchin

Client Services

jack has nearly 15 years experience working in some of the largest & fastest growing agencies across the north of england. digital strategy is his cornflakes.